Hemp Transportation Services

Who Can I Trust To Transfer My Hemp?

Hemp Transportation ServicesThe interstate transfer of hemp is legal, but that doesn't make it a risk free proposition. Local law enforcement is still not fully educated and easily can get hemp and marijuana mixed up (even if you have the right papers). Beyond the law, you need to know you're working with a reputable company that you can trust. After all, your entire investment is in their hands (and their trucks).

With the surge of farmers turning to grow hemp, and the need for that hemp to be transported for sale and service, many existing transportation companies are making the necessary investments to equip their trucks for the task. Furthermore, more companies are coming along specifically to provide a hemp transfer service.   

Knowing who to trust is not an easy proposition. Hemp & Prosper has done the hard work of vetting professional hemp transportation companies. Please contact us today to discuss options available to you.


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