Hemp Seeds & Seedlings

CBD Hemp Seeds & Seedlings

Finding a trusted and reliable source of hemp genetics is one of the most critical, yet difficult, steps in the entire process. Failure to purchase from a reputable and reliable seed supplier will result in decreased yield or even crop loss, likely stemming from one of the following:

  1. The seeds were not feminized
  2. Poor germination rates 
  3. Lower than expected CBD *
  4. Higher than expected THC *

* For issues 3 & 4, it's also important that farmers set their expectations accordingly and not simply blame the seed supplier. Trying to test for as high as CBD percentages as possible will run the risk of also testing for THC limits above legal limits. 

Despite the uncertainty, there are honest and professional suppliers that exist. Hemp & Prosper has searched far and wide to find the ideal partner and has chosen just one nursery that offers CBD seeds and seedlings from their operations in Oregon.

Nursery Details

  • USDA Organic Certified Nursery
  • Team of growers, scientists, and engineers dedicated to developing best-in-class hemp for farms across the United States
  • Industry leaders that have conducted rigorous evaluations of practices and products, lecturing at conferences and holding educational workshops. 
  • CEO quoted by Hemp Industry Daily regarding USDA guidelines 


2020 Catalog of Cultivars

  • Analyzed data from rigorous national field trials and collecting client feedback from the 2019 season
  • Only the best of the best are being brought to market for 2020.
  • Our team works directly with farmers to ensure a successful grow and harvest that meets their needs and is compliant with current USDA regulations.
  • We only put our name behind evidence-based and reliable cultivars.



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