Hemp Seed Planting Services

Custom Hemp Seed Planting Services

Why is hemp so difficult to establish from seed? 

Because hemp likes very shallow planting depth (1/4" - 1/2") and the soil often drives more quickly than seedling grows. If the temperature is too cold, it will sit and rot. If too hot, it will die. 

The above are just a few things that new farmers need to know about planting with hemp seeds. Beyond a knowledge of best practices, there is the actual execution of planting which involves planting equipment and a labor force.

Some farmers instead go the route of clones. But without enough start up capital, the transplanting method could prove too costly for some.

Enter custom seed planters. Our team of experienced hemp farmers that will travel to your field to ensure your successful grow.


The Process

1. An initial consultation to discuss the grow and logistics.

2. Our team of professionals will instruct the farm on how the field needs to be prepared to begin work immediately upon arrival.

3. We supply tractors, film, fuel and labor. The farm provides the seed (and fertilizer if they so choose).

4. We perform direct seeding with Norseman seed planters and use technology to increase productivity

5. Cost of service is based on actual acres planted. 


More About Our Film 

  • Our film is biodegradable and corn starched based. It breaks down like corn and can be tilled up once it breaks down 

  • The film is not for weed control; it is solely for germination (consider the Hemp Hawk weed control)

  • Film degrades after 6-8 weeks. Then it can be weeded.


Plan your 2020 grow and plant on time.

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