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Hemp ProcessorsPossibly the largest bottleneck within the hemp industry is finding a hemp processor to extract your high CBD biomass to some form of oil. In 2019, most farmers set out to grow and simply sell their raw materials to these processors. The problem was that hemp production quadrupled compared to the year prior, and not enough hemp processing facilities were fully up and running to handle the glut of raw material.

The end result was many farmers sitting on an over-supply of biomass with no processors buying it. Even worse, having to wait in line for month to get their biomass extracted via tolling or revenue splits. 

Many first year farmers make the mistake of growing hemp without having buyers lined up to purchase either their biomass or without securing their spot in line for extraction post-harvest. 

Hemp & Prosper has vetted multiple extractors and only allows into our network those honest, professional service providers. Each processing facility has their own methods and standard operating procedures (i.e. CO2 extraction, Ethanol, Propane), but they all share the common trait of doing the right thing. 

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