Hemp Drying Equipment

Which Hemp Dryer System is Best for My Crop?

Perhaps one of the largest bottlenecks currently within hemp cultivation is the ability for growers to get their hemp dried in a timely manner. There are two schools of thought on bucking your plants wet or dry, though many selling smokable flower prefer the dry method.

Failure to dry your hemp plants in a timely manner could cause issues such as mold and mildew. Furthermore, drying your hemp the wrong way could lead to decreased CBD percentages and a lessened terpene profile.

If you prefer to purchase a hemp dryer (and possible do the drying for others as an additional service you offer), there are a number of styles and variations on the market. Hemp & Prosper is constantly evaluating new technologies and works diligently to vet the highest quality drying manufacturers on the market. Our goal is to bring you a wide variety of options to fit your specific needs. 

If you are unable to find a hemp dryer that fits your needs, or if you require a custom dryer, please contact us so we can discuss additional options to help your hemp venture prosper.

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