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Hemp Drone ImagingWhen growing hemp for CBD, the risk of male seeds in the field can pose a significant threat to the a high yield and successful grow.  Failure to remove male seeds in a timely manner can result in a reduction of CBD percentage during the time of harvest. Every percentage point counts, and the threat could cost farmers thousands of dollars per acre.

Drones are not new technology, but they are making their way into hemp industry for their ability to help monitor crops on multi-acre farms.  They provide useful data, mitigate risk, and save farmers significant time of inspecting the field.

Hemp & Prosper works with hemp drone technology companies that offer custom services for each farm's specific needs. Services include hemp drone rentals, a dedicated team to assist in analytics, and on-site training. 

How It Works

By operating the self-flying drone, users drag-drop flight images that detects the hemp in a male vs female classification system. A google map with map pins of male plants is populated, and field workers then use the map to pull males faster. Managers then verify the progress of male pulling to sleep well at night.

For locating of males, 1 drone operator can image 15 acres per day. For low-resolution mapping, 1 drone operator can image 500 acres per day. 


  • Map pins locating males
  • Manage male-pulling
  • Manage weeding
  • Manage harvesting 
  • Plant count over time (spot pest/rodent problems)
  • Plant health over time (stress -> low IR reflection)
  • Plant growth rate (spot stunted growth early)
  • Phenotyping (clone largest and bushiest top 0.01% mutants)
  • Forecast yield over time



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