The Drying Phase

The Hemp Drying Phase

Hemp Drying Phase Overview

Hemp must be dried and stored immediately after it is harvested. Because of this, drying and storage are often treated as two parts of the same post-harvest operation. Yet while there is some procedural overlap between the two, these operations are perhaps better understood as two distinct phases. There are a number of reasons for this. 

First, the operations have distinct goals. With drying, the focus is on product preparation, while storage aims at long-term product maintenance pending approval and delivery to the processor.

Second, drying and storage are always done in different facilities using separate equipment, even if some tools, such as aeration systems, may be used during both phases.

Thirdly, the timeframes are different. Drying must be initiated within a few hours of harvest and has a maximum timeframe of 7-10 days, while storage may require a period of up to two years depending on the processor.

In this guide, we present an overview of best drying practices for hemp flower and biomass.


How To Dry Hemp

Drying Hemp Indoors

Drying Hemp Outdoors



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