Our Story 

Hemp & Prosper was founded with the goal of bringing the best possible online shopping experience to hemp industry professionals that visit our site (whether it be to buy or to learn). When company founder made his way into hemp by helping with the family farm, he witnessed firsthand the difficulty that first year farmers face.  Challenges come up at every phase of the grow. For most farmers, yields could be higher and costs per acre could be reduced with clearer foresight and better planning. 

There are very few outlets available that provide guidance at every phase of the hemp growing process. From cultivation best practices and harvesting standard operating procedures to the tools, equipment, and services that are essential to surviving. 

Alas, Hemp & Prosper was born to provide trusted equipment and services that new farmers need to succeed. 

With the right planning and the right network, you too, can grow hemp and prosper.



At Hemp & Prosper, we recognize that hemp equipment and services providers are entering the market on what feels like a daily basis. It is hard to know who to trust and who can offer something of value. That is why we at Hemp & Prosper strive to make customer satisfaction our number one priority to separate us. To us, customer satisfaction means being there for you when you need us. It is earning your trust. It is doing the hard work of finding the highest quality product and service providers and bringing them to you in one network.

When you visit Hemp & Prosper, we take your time seriously (time is so precious to all, especially farmers). We will answer any questions we can (by leveraging our team of industry professionals) and we will take the time needed to go out and vet companies on your behalf if you can't find what you're looking for on our website.

We aren't afraid to say "I don't know," if you ask us something that we don't have the answer. But we vow to spend the time and resources needed to get you the information you need so that you feel confident in your purchasing decisions.

You, the customer, is what keeps Hemp & Prosper thriving. We'll never forget that, and we'll always have that top of mind when servicing your needs to ensure your experience is of the highest quality.

We hope to earn your business today and in the future, and to become the outlet that helps your hemp to prosper. 




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