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Hemp Trimmers

Trimmers have been around for quite some time in the cannabis industry, having deeper roots with hemp’s cousin plant.  While there are many farms that hire actual laborers to hand trim their hemp, new technology and machinery has emerged to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maintain the quality of the plant’s characteristics.

There are many types of hemp trimming equipment on the market, but not all are created equal.  Some are purely built for speed and do not take into account the delicacy of the hemp flower. Failure to recognize this critical detail results in decreased CBD potency and lessened terpene profile.  If you plan to grow hemp for CBD flower, you know how important it is to main the CBD and terpenes if you want to sell your product at the highest prices for maximum ROI.

We are regularly evaluating the newest technology on hemp trimming equipment and vetting the the manufacturers to ensure they follow the highest quality standards within the hemp industry.  If you can’t find a hemp trimming machine that suits your exact needs or if you’re looking for something custom, please contact us and we’ll reach out to discuss additional options.

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