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In a burgeoning hemp industry where new businesses are coming online at a rapid pace, it's hard to determine who you can trust. Hemp & Prosper finds the honest and reputable companies that offer quality products and professional service so that you can spend your time in the field.

Planning Is Everything.

A successful hemp harvest requires advanced planning for every step.

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Featured Equipment

Hemp Extraction Equipment

Use our 1-Step Extraction & Formulation system to save time and money and get paid quicker versus taking your biomass to a hemp processor. It's as simple as adding your biomass and a carrier oil as inputs, and getting a consumer-ready product output within one hour. No solvents, hydrocarbons or high pressure vessels.

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Hemp Hawk Weed Control

Inspired & Designed by Hemp Farmers. Weed Control the new and improved way. No more expensive labor and no more plastic. 

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