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In a burgeoning hemp industry where new businesses are coming online at a rapid pace, it's hard to determine who you can trust. Hemp & Prosper finds the honest and reputable companies that offer quality products and professional service so that you can spend your time in the field.

Planning Is Everything.

A successful hemp harvest requires advanced planning for every step.

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USDA Organic Certified CBD Seedlings

Our Oregon nursery is a team of growers, scientists, and engineers dedicated to developing best-in-class hemp. We've analyzed data from rigorous national field trials from the 2019 season to bring you the best performers for 2020.

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Seed Planting Services

Our team of experienced hemp farmers will travel to your farm to assist in seeding your field.  We supply tractors, film, fuel and labor. Consultation regarding field preparation is discussed in advance so we get to work immediately upon arrival.

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